Family photos, movie trailers, or feature films, White Lily transforms your ideas into a realization.

As an all-inclusive photography and videography boutique, we are able to meet your demand for high quality media at an affordable price. From writing and scripting, through editing and output for television networks, over 10 years of Hollywood experience and training provides everything you need for your big idea.

We bill flat day-rates, or hourly rates depending on the type of production -- and we are always willing to work within your budget, getting you on your way to producing something truly special.

We never charge for a consultation or question.

We are happy to hear any idea, and help create your project with the highest production value possible based on your budget. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Who is this "White Lily" you speak of?


Rob White

The creative branch of this two-limbed tree.

We are definitely a mom 'n' pop shop. But Pop's got the know-how and experience to get the job done, and momma ain't messin' 'round.

As a Penn State Film grad and Hollywood Production Coordinator, Director, Editor, Camera-Op, Grip, Gaffer, and PA for over 10 years, Rob has seen every aspect of the production process on a large scale, from pre-production planning through theatrical release.

The idea of White Lily Films is to take the knowledge and experience from those big-budget films and TV shows, and apply it to a clientele that needs high quality video and photography, but for a price where you won't be needing your buddy Spielberg. From $250 video postcards or family photos, to $50,000 commercials or features -- whatever your budget, we will get the job done.


Stephanie White

The other side of the brain.

Also a graduate from Penn State, Steph's background is in Hospitality. From corporate event planning with 5 diamond resorts, to accounting and human resources for boutique restaurant concepts, Steph's gained quite the business acumen. In managing these diverse service industries, she's developed the skills and workflow to get any job done as efficiently as possible, and under budget. 

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